The journey begins

Hello world

I started working on Swype a little over 4 months ago. For those that follow me on twitter, - you’ll know that I built it because 99.99% of my own net worth is held in two cryptocurrencies. (Bitcoin is not one of them 😉)

I needed a way to spend it and do grocery runs at places that may not accept cryptocurrencies - so built Swype as an abstraction layer that sits on top of my paper wallets and Trezors.

Today, we have over 500 people waitlisted to use the product (yes, it’s not that much, but more than we can handle!), and have raised $350,000 led by VillageGlobal and 305Ventures to go bring sound, cryptographically secure crypto -> fiat transactions to the world.

We will be based in Miami, and in cockroach mode for the next 6 months.

Over time, Swype will become less and less centralized. Today, we run our own nodes, and use centralized exchanges for liquidity. Over time, we will release software to allow users to run their own nodes, and the liquidity pools will all be decentralized. Kinda like Uniswap 😀

We know the perils of centralization. Swype is a contrarian bet against central institutions, and our goal is not to become one. Quote us on that in a few years.

That’s it. That’s the post.

Ad astra ☄️